Common HVAC Thermostat Issues and Mistakes

Are you using your HVAC thermostat to your best advantage? Here are three common errors that might be costing you comfort and money:

1. Not Using a Programmable Thermostat

Maintaining different temperatures at different times can cut energy costs by 10 percent or more. You can set a programmable device to reduce heating or cooling output by 7°F to 10°F for eight hours per day. For most Richmond families, that’s while everyone is at work or at school. If you reduce output for eight additional hours while your family is asleep, you can save another 10 percent.

2. Trying to Make Your HVAC Work Faster

Most HVAC systems run at one speed only. Setting your thermostat higher or lower than the temperature you want will have no effect on how fast the desired temperature is achieved. Instead, energy will be wasted while your system overshoots the mark. The only exception would be an HVAC system with variable speed compressor technology. In that case, cranking the thermostat way up or way down will cause the compressor to speed up. It will also make the blower run faster until the preferred temperature is reached.

3. Turning Your HVAC Thermostat On and Off

Air conditioners dehumidify indoor air. Turning off the system to save energy can cause high humidity to develop in your home. Warm and humid conditions encourage the growth of microbes. Heating and air conditioning systems also help to keep your home healthy by filtering indoor air. When you turn off the system, airborne contaminants can quickly multiply to dense proportions.

At Foster Plumbing & Heating, we install state-of-the-art thermostats and high-tech controls for heating and air conditioning systems throughout Greater Richmond. Call us at (804) 215-1300 to learn more about our Trane Wi-Fi comfort control with zoning and a built-in Nexia Bridge.

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