Living with Poor Indoor Air Quality

It’s easy to assume the air in your Richmond, VA home is clean and safe to breathe, but that’s not always true. To keep yourself and your family healthy, it’s important to understand the threat of poor indoor air quality.

Signs and Symptoms of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Do you tend to experience allergy-like symptoms whenever you’re indoors at home? Have you noticed unexplained dizziness, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, respiratory irritation or other health issues you can’t pin down? If so, there’s a good chance your home has poor indoor air quality. Irregular HVAC airflow, recent home improvements, and construction or manufacturing in your Central Virginia neighborhood may further contribute to the problem.

Eliminating Particulates With Air Cleaners

The good news is that most air quality problems are easily treated. The most common culprit behind poor air quality is particulate matter. This is a class of small particles that become suspended in the air and can be inhaled into your body. Installing a quality whole-house air cleaner like the Trane CleanEffects is an effective way to strip particulate matter from the air. A CleanEffects system can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne particles, leaving your air cleaner and healthier than ever.

Supplying Fresh Air With Ventilation

Perhaps surprisingly, the air inside your home can be several times more polluted than the environmental air outdoors. This is true whether you live in the heart of Richmond or out in the countryside. It makes sense, then, that ventilation is a great way to improve your air quality. A ventilator system simply releases polluted air from your home and flushes it out with air from outside. This helps to control the buildup of indoor contaminants and ensures a steady supply of fresh, clean, breathable air.

Everyone deserves a home in which they can breathe easily and enjoy fresh, healthy air. If the air quality in your home is subpar, trust the IAQ professionals at Foster Plumbing & Heating for expert indoor air quality services.

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