Why Thermostat Location Matters in Henrico, VA

Your thermostat serves as the brains of your HVAC system, telling the system when to start and stop. While there are several factors that impact how well your thermostat works, its location is among the most important. Learn more about why thermostat location is so important.

Thermostats Read Nearby Temperatures

Any thermostat, no matter how advanced or sensitive its sensors, will only be able to take temperature readings in the area where it’s located. If that area is not representative of the temperature in your house as a whole, you’ll be bound to experience some HVAC problems. The thermostat will activate or deactivate your HVAC system based on information that will be inadequate or inapplicable to at least some parts of your house.

To avoid this problem, you must place your thermostat somewhere that is not subject to large temperature variations or that does not have temperatures that widely diverge from those of the rest of your home. Thus, the kitchen and the basement, to give only two examples, are not good choices of location. The wisest decision of all is probably to put your thermostat as close to the center of your home as possible.

Keep a Thermostat in Frequently Used Rooms

In keeping with the principle mentioned above, you should strive to keep your thermostat in the rooms that you use often, like your bedroom or living room. This is because your HVAC system will optimally affect those rooms for which you have the most accurate temperature readings.

The Effect of Bad Thermostat Readings on Your HVAC System

If your thermostat is in a location where it can’t record temperatures that are close to the average in your home, your system won’t truly keep you comfortable. But in addition to this, consistently bad temperature readings can damage your system by causing excessive cycling. The added burden this creates will increase the frequency with which you will need to call for professional HVAC repairs.

To put it simply, thermostat location deeply matters. To make the best possible choice for your Henrico, VA home, call Foster Plumbing & Heating, Inc. and find out more about our wide array of HVAC services.

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