Why Is My Furnace Fan Always Running In Moseley, VA?

If your furnace fan is always running, you may wonder why. There are several reasons this could be happening, and it’s important to determine the cause so that you can fix it. Below are four of the most common reasons your furnace fan is constantly running.

The Thermostat Is Set to “On”

If your thermostat remains set to “on,” the fan will run continuously, regardless of whether or not the furnace is heating. It is usually not a problem if you live in a location with mild winters, but if you live with cold winters, it can cause your furnace to work overtime and use more energy than necessary. The solution is to change your thermostat setting to “auto.”

The Limit Switch Is Stuck

The limit switch is a safety device that tells the furnace when to turn on and off. If the limit switch sticks in the “on” position, it will make the furnace fan run constantly. Due to a build-up of dust and dirt on the switch, cleaning the switch with a brush or compressed air will fix it.

The Fan Limit Control Is Set Incorrectly

The fan limit control is a switch that tells the furnace when to turn the fan on and off. It can cause the fan to run constantly if the switch is incorrectly set. Consult your furnace’s owner manual to find the correct setting for your particular model.

There Is a Problem With the Blower Motor

If there is a problem with the blower motor, it can cause the furnace fan to run constantly. A loose wire or a faulty connection can spawn this. You will need to consult a qualified heating and cooling technician to fix this.

If you’re a homeowner, ensure that your furnace does not have any of these problems. Contact Foster Plumbing & Heating to schedule maintenance of your entire unit. We’ll help you keep your furnace running efficiently and prevent unnecessary repairs.

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