What Happens If You Run an AC With Low Refrigerant in Glen Allen, VA

Your AC has multiple components that facilitate the cooling process, and the refrigerant is one of them. The levels of this fluid may drop due to leakages. Find out what can happen when your AC runs with low refrigerant levels in Glen Allen, VA.

Reduced Cooling Power

The refrigerant operates in a closed loop and moves between the evaporator coil and condenser coil. It absorbs heat from indoor air at the evaporator coils and releases it to the outside environment through the condenser coils.

If the levels of this fluid go down, it may not be able to successfully eliminate heat from your indoor air. Consequently, your system’s cooling ability reduces.

In this kind of situation, your AC likely won’t be able to manage to cool your home despite running full time. Running continuously reduces its lifespan and increases how frequently it will need repairs.

A Damaged Compressor

The compressor applies pressure to the refrigerant and converts it from liquid to gas. The refrigerant releases heat into the surrounding environment in its gaseous state.

When the refrigerant levels drop, there will be a change in pressure, potentially damaging the compressor. The compressor may even burn out.

If your system vibrates when starting, your compressor could be on its last legs. Other signs of a failing compressor include unusual sounds such as banging or clattering noises. Also, you may notice reduced airflow.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

With low refrigerant levels, the evaporator coils may experience difficulty absorbing heat from the indoor air. As a result, the refrigerant’s temperature remains low, causing moisture to freeze on the evaporator coils. Frozen evaporator coils further impair the AC’s ability to draw heat and excess moisture from the indoor air.

Do not attempt to repair your system if you have refrigerant leaks. Instead, contact Foster Plumbing & Heating for timely air conditioning services. Our trained technicians will be happy to repair your system before more damages occur.

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