Should You Replace Your Heat Pump in Glen Allen, VA?

No homeowner in Glen Allen, VA, wants to replace the heat pump until it’s absolutely necessary. Although it’s good to know that this heating and cooling appliance can last 15 to 20 years with annual tune-ups, that won’t lessen the shock when the time comes for a new one. If you’re thinking of replacing your heat pump, check for the following signs that this is the right move.

Inefficient Performance

Note the quality of your heat pump’s performance. A heat pump that struggles to cool your home, blows out lukewarm air, emits continual or loud noises, or runs in shorter or longer cycles than it should is likely a good candidate for replacement.

At the same time, the heat pump can contribute to a rise in your energy bill because it needs more time to do its job. If you’ve seen such an increase and you can’t explain it, then this may be the reason.

Frequent and Ineffective Repairs

Replacement becomes an even more viable option if you’ve already tried to address the heat pump’s inefficient performance. Consider the repairs you requested in the past, how extensive they were and how much they cost. If major, expensive repairs have failed to improve things, it’s not wise to put any more money into the system.

Humid and Polluted Air

As your heat pump begins to fail, it won’t remove as much humidity from the home as it used to, and it will make the air feel stale. Pollution levels will increase, too, leading to misery for allergy and asthma sufferers and encouraging the growth of biological contaminants that can affect the health of all. Before you request indoor air quality services, see if the heat pump is to blame.

If you live in Glen Allen and need a new heat pump, contact our team at Foster Plumbing & Heating today. We’ll inspect your current system and give a free estimate for the installation, using flat rates for our prices. We proudly carry a range of heat pumps from Trane.

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