Look Out for These 3 Common Wintertime Heat Pump Issues in Moseley, VA

Many homeowners in Moseley, VA and beyond love heat pumps for the impressive versatility and efficiency that they offer. Nevertheless, the winter weather can present special challenges for these systems that it pays to prepare for. Here are three common wintertime heat pump issues that you should be aware of.

1. Poor Airflow

Truthfully, this is a perennial threat to all kinds of different HVAC systems at all times of the year. Air vent blockages, dirty filters, broken system fans or faulty fan motors can each cause this problem.

You can keep air filters from hindering airflow by remembering to change your heat pump’s filters every 30-90 days as needed. The other issues require work from a trained HVAC technician.

2. Ice Accumulation

Sometimes, ice can show up on the coils of your heat pump. Generally speaking, this happens because of a combination of two factors. The first is that in the winter, frost may condense on the coils, freezing them. The other reason is that an insufficient quantity of refrigerant in the system prevents it from being able to absorb enough heat to keep from freezing.

While heat pumps do have a defrost mode that can nearly always effectively combat this problem, nothing is absolutely perfect. The best way to take care of ice accumulation due to low refrigerant is to request maintenance and have a technician replace the refrigerant.

3. Dust and Debris

Dust and debris can find their way into the components of your heat pump and hinder its functionality. It’s especially common for dirt to clog filters and block airflow or for sticks, leaves, dust and other things to clog coils. It may be that these blockages have reached a critical stage during the winter.

With knowledge of the dangers that the winter poses to your heat pump, you can stay on guard. To resolve such issues, just call Foster Plumbing & Heating and schedule heat pump service around Moseley, VA.

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