Is Your Water Heater’s Tank Filling Up With Sediment?

Whether you’re taking a shower, washing dishes, or doing laundry, you depend on a reliable source of clean, hot water in Richmond, VA. Don’t let a buildup of sediment leave you out in the cold. Learn why maintaining your water heater is so important and what you can do to ensure the water flows freely.

What Causes Water Tank Sediment?

Water undergoes an arduous journey as it makes it travels towards your tap. It picks up trace amounts of minerals from the soil, rocks, and other debris it encounters along the way. Over time, the sediment can collect in the bottom of the tank, causing irreparable damage. The following three signs suggest there’s a layer of destructive sediment in your water tank.

  • Bacteria in the sediment can create a foul odor in the water, similar to rotten eggs.
  • The sound of boiling water indicate excessive sediment is overheating the bottom of the tank.
  • Rust-colored water can mean the sediment is corroding the interior of the tank.

The Sacrificial Anode Rod

Most water heaters are equipped with an anode rod to help counter the damaging effects of sediment. The magnesium rod attracts the minerals and metals that cause corrosion. Disintegrating over time, its “sacrifices” itself to protect the water heater. It’s essential to check the anode rod every year and replace it before it dissolves completely.

Keeping Sediment at Bay

Flushing a quarter from the water heater tank every few months can help prevent sediment buildup. If there’s already a layer of sediment on the bottom, the tank must be properly drained and cleaned. The professional plumbers at Foster Plumbing & Heating are readily available to handle the job for you. From improved energy efficiency to a longer service life, our maintenance program offers multiple benefits. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that your water stays clean and healthy.

Since 1989, Foster Plumbing & Heating has provided Richmond, VA, and the surrounding communities with top-quality water heater services. For more information, call us today.

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