Is My Furnace Blower Motor Failing in Moseley, VA?

The blower motor is one of the most important of all furnace components because it powers the unit’s fans and generates airflow. If it fails, the consequences for your home in Moseley, VA this winter could be severe. To help you prevent or take action against a failing blower motor, here are some signs that that part might be struggling.

Poor Airflow

This is probably the most obvious and direct sign of a malfunctioning blower motor. If air isn’t flowing through your system and making it into your home, it stands to reason that the blower motor might not be powering on the fans and that the fans might not be pushing air around.

Be aware, though, that other things can create low furnace airflow. For example, dirty filters and clogged valves might have the same consequence. A trained technician can ascertain the exact cause of this issue during a maintenance visit.

Overheating Equipment

If the ignition system in your furnace works normally but your blower motor isn’t working, then the unit won’t be able to expel the hot air that it creates. That will lead to internal overheating and may even cause the unit to shut down.

In the most extreme cases, overheating can damage internal wiring and spark a fire, which may cause massive damage and force you to completely replace your furnace. It’s, therefore, imperative not to ignore these issues.

Rising Heating Bills

A busted blower motor can also give you a nasty surprise in the form of a massive heating bill. If warm air doesn’t flow into your home because of the broken motor, your thermostat may respond to the lack of change in indoor temperatures by forcing your furnace to work harder. Therefore, your furnace may consume more energy and generate more heat but produce no tangible effect for you except to pointlessly push your bills higher.

If you suspect that your furnace’s blower motor no longer works, you should act quickly to fix the problem. Call Foster Plumbing & Heating in Moseley, VA, and ask for our heating services.

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