HVAC Maintenance for Spring Allergies Richmond, VA

Spring may be in the air in Richmond, VA, but so is pollen and other pollutants. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you likely have a love-hate relationship with springtime. You can’t escape exterior allergens by staying inside. Research shows your home HVAC system may be blowing 3-5 times more contaminants into your home than outside air contains.

Let’s explore how you and your HVAC technician, working together, can decrease those allergy irritants in your inside air.

Reasons to Schedule HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance, performed by a certified technician, is the most important thing you can do to avoid potential problems and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. To reduce the risk of indoor allergens, many homeowners prefer scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance at the beginning of spring.

During spring maintenance, your HVAC technician will inspect the entire system, lubricate moving parts, clean coils and blades. If necessary, he will calibrate your thermostat. When repairs or replacement components are necessary, the work can be completed before the sticky summer arrives in Richmond, VA.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

HVAC maintenance is a savvy investment for Richmond, VA homeowners, which pays off in increased dependability and peak performance of your AC unit.

Of course, one of your major goals is improved air quality when spring allergies are an issue. Dirty AC filters are the main culprit of contaminated air circulation throughout your home. Clean filters trigger healthier indoor airflow. Your HVAC technician will do a routine inspection of the AC filter and clean or replace it when appropriate. He will also clean dirty blowers and/or coils, which considerably decreases pollutants in the indoor air.

On average, the lifespan of your HVAC system is 10-15-years. Adding regular preventative maintenance can extend its life another five years. Since replacing your entire HVAC system is expensive, maintaining the one you have will save you money.

In the Meantime…

Between professional check-ups of your AC unit, you can take measures to maintain it and help decrease the risks of allergens in your Richmond, VA home.

Let’s revisit the subject of dirty air filters. The HVAC filter is your single most line of defense against airborne contaminants. It is a homeowner responsibility to examine the air filter about every six weeks and if dirty, replace the old one with a new AC filter.

Dirty filters are a health hazard for family members who have spring allergies. Other health concerns that can be exacerbated by clogged AC filters are: flu-like bugs, asthma, sore throat, congestion and more.

You do not want mold. To guard against serious build-ups of mold, regularly inspect any visible ductwork and air vents in each room. Be alert for signs of mold.

If you see ductwork that is disconnected or cracked, repair with foil-backed tape, which is designed to stop allergens from getting in and keep conditioned air from getting out and cooling your attic. Condensation creates moisture and mold thrives on moistness. Ensure ductwork in your attic is well insulated, to prevent condensation.

Clean in the vicinity of your indoor unit to keep dust from getting into your HVAC system. Dust and debris in the AC system can block up the condensate drain and cause mold growth.

Dirt, dust and mold can collect inside your ductwork. If your conditioned air smells musty, or you see visible signs of mold around the rim of your air vents, call your HVAC Company for a professional ductwork cleaning.

Scope out the space surrounding your outdoor AC unit. Clear any debris within a two-foot radius of the exterior unit. Pull weeds and trim any shrubbery taller than five feet.

Final Words

In Richmond, VA, spring is the ideal time for professional HVAC preventative maintenance. Certified technicians can significantly reduce symptoms of allergies, by getting rid of allergens, such as pollen, dust mites and dust mites in your HVAC system.

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