How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Home

Static electricity can cause a number of issues in your Chester, VA home. Some of the factors contributing to excess static electricity include dry air and certain types of synthetic materials. Follow this guide to learn how to get rid of the static electricity causing discomfort in your home.

Install a Humidifier

The most effective way to minimize static electricity in the home is to install a humidifier. Tabletop humidifiers add more moisture to the air in a single room, while whole-home humidifiers work with your HVAC system to ensure heated and cooled air has enough moisture to maintain a proper level within the house.

Dry air is one of the main culprits behind static electricity. The dryness in the winter months can make it unbearable during this time of the year. A lack of humidity in your home can also lead to issues with wood furniture and flooring, as well as cause unpleasant health symptoms. That’s why it’s worth adding a humidifier that will protect against all of these concerns.

Treat Your Rugs and Carpeting

A static charge in your rugs and carpeting can cause a shock when you walk across them. You can use an anti-static spray on the synthetic materials of both rugs and carpets to prevent the charge from building up. You may also want to add some indoor plants to the areas that have softer flooring, as certain plants can increase the humidity levels naturally and lessen the static charge.

Use Products on Clothing

Certain products can also help eliminate static electricity from your clothing. When clothes have too much static, they are harder to fold and often stick to your body when you’re wearing them. Using fabric softener and dryer sheets will help reduce the presence of static, as will pulling clothes out of the dryer while they are still damp and hanging them to dry.

At Foster Plumbing & Heating, we can provide HVAC solutions that minimize static electricity and protect your family members, so contact us at 804-215-1300.

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