How to Choose the Right Generator for Your Home in Chester, VA

Standby generators act as a backup power source when you have blackouts. These systems are most vital when your home gets power outages and has to go for days without electricity. You might be uncertain of which generator to get, and here are some tips on how to choose the right generator for your home in Chester, VA.

1. Add up the Wattage of Your Appliances

The wattage of your home appliances, which you need to keep running during a power outage, is the greatest determinant of the right size of generator that you need. Walk from one room to another, and make a list of the appliances, checking their label to know their wattage. Ensure you have a rough approximation of the total wattage needed; with that, you’ll be able to select the right generator for your home.

2. You Frequently Have Power Outages

If you frequently have power outages, you might need a home standby generator, which you’ll have installed permanently next to your house. Home standby generators turn on automatically and keep your appliances running. Standby generators are costly but very convenient because once installed, you won’t have to switch them on every time you have a power outage.

3. You Don’t Get Power Outages Often

When you don’t get blackouts often, you might feel like you don’t need to invest in a generator. However, you still need a generator for peace of mind and to keep your fridge and the heat pump system running for a short time when you have power outages. In such cases, you don’t need to splurge on an ultra-powerful generator. Instead, get a midsized inverter, which is less costly and should still suit your needs.

Power outages cause a lot of frustrations, which is why you need to invest in a backup generator. When using a generator, always follow the manual user from the manufacturer to enhance safety. For professional generator services, like repair and maintenance in Chester, VA, please get in touch with us today at Foster Plumbing & Heating.

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