Furnace Maintenance Tips That Keep You Warm in Colonial Heights, VA

When fall arrives in Colonial Heights, VA, proper furnace maintenance practices can help you stay warm. This guide has great maintenance strategies that you can use to optimize your furnace for cold weather.

Replace the Filter

To boost your furnace’s overall efficiency on the coldest days, you must replace the unit’s filter before fall begins and throughout the season. A furnace needs a tidy filter because a clogged filter decreases airflow. Also, if debris bypasses a dirty filter, the air quality in certain spaces will drop.

Another advantage is that a clean filter can reduce a furnace’s energy consumption by up to 15%. Therefore, you must change the filter whenever there are thick clusters of debris on its mesh surfaces.

Check the Drainage Tube

Over time, water will generate in a furnace’s drip pan. There is no way to stop this because steam creates the water as a furnace produces heat.

During a drainage tube maintenance routine, check the surfaces on the tube and ensure that they’re clear and clean. If you discover any water on the tube, remove it with compressed air because moisture can harm the furnace’s flame sensor.

Get Rid of Dirt and Debris

To prevent malfunctions and breakdowns, you must keep dust and dirt off your furnace’s hardware. Although these contaminants seem harmless, they can cause airflow issues and performance problems during heating cycles.

As a homeowner, you can clean the outside of your furnace without any risks. However, it’s best to let a trained maintenance technician clean the sensitive components.

If you need professional maintenance for your furnace, call Foster Plumbing & Heating, Inc. You’ll appreciate the results since we always provide comprehensive system checkups. We offer great discounts on replacement parts, services calls, and repairs as well.

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