Can I Repair My Heat Pump in Colonial Heights, VA?

DIY enthusiasts often post videos online showing homeowners in Colonial Heights, VA how to repair their heat pumps. Unfortunately, they don’t emphasize what could go wrong when homeowners attempt DIY heat pump repairs. Below, we will discuss the dangers associated with DIY heat pump repairs.

Potential Safety Hazards

Heat pumps use a unique fluid known as a refrigerant to move heat out of and into your home. This vital fluid can leak if you damage the refrigerant lines while attempting to repair your heat pump. If anyone in your household comes in contact with this fluid, it can harm their health.

Possible health complications from contact with refrigerants include nausea, vomiting, headaches, skin irritations and labored breathing. You also risk electrocution when mishandling your heat pump’s electrical connections.

Additional System Damage

Heat pumps have multiple components that contribute to regulating your indoor temperature. If you have never repaired a heat pump before, you may not understand the layout of these components. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you will puncture or damage some parts while working on others.

Also, you may misdiagnose the issue and repair the wrong components. This creates new issues without solving the existing ones. You will then have to pay additional money for repair services if you damage critical components, such as the compressor.

Voiding Your Warranty

HVAC contractors offer free heat pump repair and replacement services for a certain period after you purchase a heat pump from them. They confirm this commitment on the warranty document.

However, the contractors cannot repair or replace the system for free if you tamper with it. This means you will have to pay for any repair or replacement needs that arise within the warranty period.

Avoid the risks and dangers associated with DIY heat pump repairs, and leave the job to professionals. Contact Foster Plumbing & Heating for exceptional heating repair services whenever your heat pump breaks down in Colonial Heights, VA.

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