5 Worrisome Heat Pump Noises in Glen Allen, VA

A heat pump should warm your home in Glen Allen, VA, but it should do so quietly. While you can expect some clicking and other noises when the unit starts up, there should be no continual noises during operation. Below are five heat pump noises that signify a problem with your heat pump.

1. Rattling

The most basic noise you don’t want to hear is rattling. This indicates that something is loose, probably a cover panel or some screws. If you have a technician maintain your heat pump on a regular basis, you can eliminate such issues early on.

2. Banging

The sound of metal banging on metal is more serious and may point to a loose or out-of-balance fan blade. You’ll want to address this before the fan blades become bent and worn.

3. Gurgling

Heat pumps transfer heat from the outdoors into your home. The piping that the refrigerant travels through, though, can corrode and start to leak, in which case you’ll likely hear a gurgling sound from the low refrigerant levels.

4. Whistling

Your heat pump can leak out not only refrigerant but also air. Air ducts, especially when they’re not well-sealed, will let your warm air escape, often giving rise to a whistling noise.

5. Grinding

The motor bearings in your heat pump need lubrication now and then, and this is something that a maintenance visit can cover. Without lubrication, you’ll get the metal-on-metal grinding noise. A similar noise will arise with a bad blower fan belt and a bad compressor.

Hire Our NATE-Certified Technicians

Our highly experienced technicians can work on any brand or model of heat pump or mini split. We’re a proud member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. Foster Plumbing & Heating is ready to pinpoint the reason for your noisy heat pump and to recommend the right heating services, so call today for an appointment in Glen Allen.

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