5 Reasons that DIY and HVAC Don’t Mix in Chester, VA

If you’re considering DIY HVAC repair in Chester, VA, know that you’re putting yourself and others at risk. In this blog, we discuss five important reasons you should never do an HVAC repair yourself. Instead, you should always leave it to the professionals.

1. Longer Downtime

It seems to be a law of the universe that your HVAC system will go down during times of extreme heat or cold. Unless you’re a professional, figuring out how to do your own repairs will take longer than it would to call skilled technicians and have them do it for you.

2. Not Enough Tools

You may think you can do HVAC repairs with nothing more than a hammer and maybe a power tool or two. In reality, working on your HVAC system requires the use of many specialized tools. The cost of purchasing them alone would be far more than it would cost to have repair work done.

3. Voided Warranty

You want to do everything in your power to keep your HVAC warranty in place so you can easily have technicians help you with repairs, parts, and routine maintenance work. Most warranties state that only a licensed HVAC professional may make repairs and perform tune-ups. Going against this is a costly mistake and risk.

4. Safety Risks

There’s so much that can go wrong if you attempt to do an HVAC repair yourself. You risk electrocuting yourself, causing a fire or explosion, or poisoning yourself with carbon monoxide fumes.

5. System Damage

You aren’t the only person that might become damaged during a DIY repair. Even if you think everything is running smoothly from your handiwork, your system might have hidden damage that lessens the efficiency of your HVAC system. Even when it seems everything is perfect, danger could be lurking beneath the surface.

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