4 Ways You’re Harming Your Own Plumbing in Mechanicsville, VA

Most of your home’s plumbing issues start small and come from making common septic mistakes. How you treat your pipes and drains can have a huge impact on the problems you face in the future. Protect your residential plumbing system by avoiding these bad septic habits in Mechanicsville, VA.

1. Flushing Inappropriate Materials

Toilets are only designed to handle toilet paper and human waste. You should never flush down feminine hygiene products, cotton swabs, wrappers or medications. Instead of breaking down over time, these sturdy materials will accumulate into large blockages.

You should also avoid flushing any wipes, even if they’re marketed as septic-safe. Many popular wipes have strong plastic fibers that won’t naturally disintegrate like standard toilet paper.

2. Using Harsh Chemical Cleaners

To many homeowners, using store-bought chemical drain cleaners seems like an easy and inexpensive way to take care of a clog. However, these harsh substances will steadily weaken your plumbing system. Frequent use can increase the risk of your pipes cracking and leaking.

3. Overusing Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a convenient way to grind up leftover food waste and prevent future blockages. However, you shouldn’t use your sink’s disposal as a replacement for your trash can. Food debris like meat bones, egg shells and corn cobs can potentially cause damage to the disposal and your pipes.

4. Ignoring Your Slow Drains

You should never disregard your plumbing system’s warning signs. Slow drains, dripping sinks and strange pipe noises could all mean you need prompt plumbing repairs. Requesting fast professional service prevents the damage from spreading and keeps your service costs down.

Developing healthy septic habits can significantly improve your plumbing’s efficiency, health and lifespan. Call the expert team at Foster Plumbing & Heating now to ask about our premier drain cleaning services in Mechanicsville, VA.

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