4 Signs That You Have a Gas Leak in Richmond, VA

Gas leaks are occasional yet dangerous occurrences in Richmond, VA. Detecting a gas leak may be difficult if you aren’t sure what to look for. Here are some signs that should tell you if you are having a gas leak.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs or Sulfur

Although natural gas does not have any odor itself, this smell is indicative of a gas leak in your system or appliances. Gas companies add mercaptan, which is a harmless natural chemical used to alert occupents of leaking gas. It’s composed of hydrogen, carbon and sulfur and is detectable to the nose, which is the first alert of leaking gas.

Bubbles on Water Spots and Dead Vegetation

Gas companies use underground pipes to connect households to their gas supplies. Gas leaks may occur in these systems, although it is not easily detectable at first. The lines found underneath the soil may leave a patch of dead plants and vegetation around the area with the gas leaks requiring gas leak repairs.

The presence of bubbles in your soil may also indicate a gas leak, especially if they appear along or near underground gas pipelines.

Physical Symptoms

Gas leaks may also cause physical signs such as flu-like symptoms, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, and headaches. In extreme situations, you may experience nosebleeds, breathing difficulties, chest pains, or loss of consciousness. If you have pets, they may experience lethargy, vomiting, red, watery eyes, or breathing difficulties.

Flames That Are Yellow or Orange

Normally, flames from gas appliances should blue. Flames that are orange or yellow may be indicative of leaking gas in the appliances. It is important to call a professional to resolve the issue.

A gas leak can be fatal or result in severe damage and health complications. Make sure to have qualified technicians conduct regu/lar maintenance on all your gas appliances and call for repairs as soon as you detect any anomaly. Call on us today at Foster Plumbing & Heating for HVAC-related services, plumbing repairs, AC repair and installation and gas leak repairs.

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