4 Reasons to Choose Fall Furnace Maintenance in Mechanicsville, VA

The area around Mechanicsville, VA, is so beautiful in the fall that it’s easy to lose track of winter preparation. Don’t let your furnace’s performance suffer by neglecting to give it the right maintenance. Here are four reasons to put fall furnace maintenance on your priority list before the cold winter arrives.

1. System Efficiency

A new system has a particular energy efficiency rating for how much energy it should use to heat your home. As it runs, wear on the components and airflow restrictions slowly reduce that efficiency, driving up your energy costs. During maintenance, the technician cleans out these restrictions and checks each component for wear.

2. Better Comfort

Those same airflow restrictions and weakening components prevent air from flowing where it should in the right volume. This creates hot and cold spots in your house, giving very noticeable differences in temperature as you move from room to room. When you have regular maintenance, you keep the system heating as evenly as possible.

3. Less Stress

When it feels like there’s a problem heating each room, it slowly increases your stress. You wonder when the system is going to break down and require furnace repair.

During regularly scheduled maintenance, the technician will be able to uncover small problems early, allowing you to fix them before they become an emergency. This also means you can go through the winter with less underlying stress about keeping your home warm.

4. Extend Service Life

With proper maintenance, the average furnace has an expected service life of 15 to 20 years. Neglecting your maintenance adds mounting strain over the years, cutting years off that expected service life. Not only does this cause your repair and utility costs to increase, but you’ll have to replace your furnace early.

Don’t lose life from your furnace by skimming on properly maintaining your system. Call Foster Plumbing & Heating to schedule your fall maintenance today.

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