4 Common Shower Repair Issues in Henrico, VA

Trying to take a shower with a leaky faucet or stopped-up drain can be unfortunate for your household. Since your shower is one of the most well-used fixtures in the house, it’s not uncommon to experience plumbing issues that leave you stressed. Here are a few of the most common shower repair issues in Henrico, VA.

1. Clogged Shower Drain

Your shower’s drain can fill up with hair, soap scum, and other debris over time that narrows the pipe’s circumference. When dirty water can’t flow freely out of the drain, it will back up into your tub. Fortunately, an expert plumber will have no problem breaking the blockage and clearing your drains.

2. Leaking Faucet

Even the smallest of shower leaks can become a significant problem over time. Constant water coming from your fixture can lead to issues like rust, corrosion, and organic growth. This problem is often solved by replacing the worn-out inner seals like the gasket or O-ring or even installing a new fixture.

3. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a common issue that often stems from a hidden leak or limescale buildup in your showerhead. If you have low water pressure throughout the home, you likely need to schedule leak detection services to protect your property. Rely on experienced plumbers to ensure the best results every time rather than risk further damaging your plumbing with do-it-yourself hacks.

4. Rattling Pipework

If you hear a noisy rattling in your pipes when you shower, there could be something wrong with your mixing valve or main water supply. Common causes include air in the pipes, worn shower cartridges, and excessively high water pressure.

Dealing with unexpected shower issues can be frustrating, especially if they’re causing water waste that’s increasing your monthly costs. Fortunately, our plumbing experts are here to provide high-quality and consistent repairs you can rely on. Contact Foster Plumbing & Heating today for superior plumbing repair services in Henrico, VA.

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