3 Reasons to Control Home Humidity in Henrico, VA

Summers in Henrico, VA regularly reach 86-89 degrees Fahrenheit with nearly 80% relative humidity, leading to muggy conditions. Effectively managing your indoor humidity levels affects more than just your comfort. Here are three reasons to tightly control your indoor humidity this summer.

1. Better Air Quality

According to the EPA, the ideal indoor humidity is 30% to 50% to maintain healthy air quality. When your humidity is drier than 30%, airborne particulates become lighter, staying in the air longer. If the air is more humid than 50%, it can cause additional contamination by creating an environment where biological contaminants can thrive.

2. Reduced Damage

Various materials around your home respond to too much or too little humidity. When the humidity drops below 30%, your wood and leather surfaces will begin to dry out and can eventually crack. When the humidity stays consistently above 50%, spores could embed and grow around your home. Maintaining an optimal humidity level throughout your home creates an environment that discourages organic growth while preventing damage.

3. Improved Health

Your body needs some humidity in the air you breathe as well. When the air is too dry, your sinuses and respiratory system can dry out and get irritated. Likewise, when there’s too much humidity, various infectious contaminants may spread more easily.

How to Control Humidity

During the cooler and drier months around Henrico, you may need to add humidity to your air. You can do this through individual room vaporizers, but it can be difficult to precisely control humidity levels throughout the home using these devices. One of the most efficient and effective methods is installing a whole-system humidifier that works alongside your heating system.

Your air conditioner will work to remove some of the extra moisture from the air over the more humid months. To ensure that it can do this part of its job effectively, you should have your system professionally maintained in the spring. An HVAC technician can resolve problems that shorten cycle lengths or restrict proper airflow, which both hinder the dehumidification effect.

You can protect your home and promote your health this summer by effectively controlling your indoor humidity. Ensure that your system is ready by calling the professionals at Foster Plumber & Heating to schedule your air conditioning maintenance visit today.

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