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Tips to Help Troubleshoot Problems With Your Furnace

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The days are becoming shorter, the temperature is starting to decrease and the first frost is only a couple of months away. If you ended last winter with a furnace that was on the fritz, then it might be time to have the problem rectified before you’re left watching TV while wearing your winter coat. One of the first things you can do is some basic troubleshooting, but if these steps do not work, you should contact a heating contractor for your furnace repair in Richmond, VA.

One problem could be that the furnace runs and provides some heat, but the heat flow is not adequate for keeping your home comfortable. Check the furnace to make sure nothing is blocking the vents. Also, you can check the filer. If it is dirty, you should replace it. Also, make sure the thermostat is set properly. If none of these tasks can fix the problem, the blower might not be working properly or the system could be out of balance. A furnace repair technician should be able to correct these problems and help you with your furnace repair in Richmond, VA.

If your furnace does not work at all, the problem could be a malfunctioning thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Make sure the unit is set to heat, if you have a combination heating and cooling system. You can replace a blown fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Also, the motor may need to be reset because of an overload. There should be a reset button near the blower motor’s housing. Press the reset button. If this does not work, wait 30 minutes and press the reset button again. The 30-minute break will allow for the motor to cool. If none of these steps can correct the problem, a repair technician should be able to fix the problem, which could be a faulty thermostat.

Before the snow and subzero temperatures arrive, make sure you have a working furnace that is free of any problems. If a few basic troubleshooting steps fail to correct the problem, a technician should be able to help you with yourfurnace repair in Richmond, VA.

Maintain Your Heating System to Prevent Headaches in the Winter

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In a couple of short months the winter will arrive, and with it will come subzero temperatures, ice and snow. For many people, this is one of the most unpleasant times of the year, but it will be even worse if your heating system fails. Before the cold weather is here, it might be a good idea to hire a heating contractor in Midlothian, VA, to assess your current system. A heating technician can do routine maintenance, fix problems or install a new system in your home.

Annual maintenance for a heating system is a good idea for many reasons. Heating equipment that is maintained annually uses about 13 percent less fuel than systems that do not receive any maintenance. A tune-up by a heating contractor in Midlothian, VA, can improve a unit’s efficiency byas much as 20 percent. Also, an annual tune-up can extend the life of a heating system by about 20 to 30 percent. About 75 percent of emergency repairs can be avoided by having annual maintenance. It would be much more desirable to have maintenance in autumn and avoid a break down when there is a couple of feet of snow on the ground.

The average life of a home heating system is about 12 to 15 years. If your system is in that age range, it might be time to think about having it replaced. If your systems keeps breaking down or it is not keeping you as comfortable as it did in the past, replacing it might be your best option. A heating technician will size your current furnace and determine what type of replacement would be best for your house. Most heating systems can be replaced in a day.

Before you know it, Old Man Winter will be knocking at your door. It is best to be proactive and have your heating system evaluated. A heating contractor in Midlothian, VA, can help you decide what is best for your heating system.

Upgrading To Central Air Is Worth The Investment

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Most homes in the United States have some form of cooling system in place for dealing with warmer weather. If your home is cooled by window air conditioning (AC) units, upgrading to central air can provide many benefits. An AC contractor in Midlothian, VA like Foster Plumbing& Heatingcan help you select the right size and type of unit for your home.

Window units can do a great job of cooling down one room at a time. However, if your home is large you may need multiple units to cool down your whole home. Otherwise, you may have to pick and choose which areas of your house are cool and which remain hot. Central AC is superior in that it can cool your entire house simultaneously. This is much more efficient and may actually consume less energy.Window units are also very noisy. Not having to speak loudly or turn up the volume on the television are great benefits to getting rid of your window AC units. Upgrading to central air means the machinery and the noise are all moved outside. Foster Plumbing & Heating can evaluate your home’s exterior to determine the ideal place to install the new system.

One of the largest yet least obvious benefits to upgrading to central air is how it can vastly enhance the air quality of your home. The filters within the system can block airborne particles like lint, as well as allergens such as dust, pollen, and pet dander. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, upgrading to central AC can largely improve their caliber of life.Plus, the system may utilize a programmable thermostat to keep the temperature and indoor conditions consistent throughout the day.

While the upfront costs of installing central air can seem intimidating, the investment will be worth it in the long run. In addition to the enjoyment you will get from it, it will increase your home’s overall value as well. A specialized AC contractor in Midlothian, VA can help you evaluate your options and guide you through the installation process.

Common Air Conditioner Problems May Need Repair, Not Replacement

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Imagine it’s the hottest day of the year and your air conditioner is on the fritz. You may be tempted to panic as you break into a sweat from the heat and from the thought of the cost of replacing your unit. Your fears may be unfounded, as not every problem or malfunction means that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Calling Foster Plumbing&Heating for an air conditioning repair in Richmond, VA can get you on your way to evaluating the problem.

There are a few common reasons for cooling systems to malfunction, none of which require replacing the entire system. If the unit is completely dead and will not turn on, this may be due to a broken thermostat or an electrical issue. It could also be that the vegetation surrounding your unit has become overgrown and clogged the vents, causing the capacitor to fail. Another common problem is that the system seems to be working but is making an unexpected noise. Any rattling, vibrating or squeaking should definitely be checked out by a professional in air conditioning repair in Richmond, VA.

If air is coming through the ducts but doesn’t feel cold, it could mean the power to the condenser coil has been interrupted. Another possible reason for this problem is that it is running low on refrigerant. If that is the issue, it can easily be recharged. It is also possible that this is not a problem with the unit at all, but a problem with a leak in your ducts. An HVAC expert will be able to diagnose and fix any leaks.

If at all possible, you should try to test out your cooling system before the weather gets too hot. And if you do identify any problems, don’t wait until the peak of the summer season to find a quality company to repair your air conditioning unit. Call Foster Plumbing & Heating for you air conditioning repair in Richmond, VA and to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

Stay Cool This Summer With Air Conditioning Repair in Midlothian VA

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Summertime is the greatest time of year for many Virginians. Kids are out of school, vacations are coming due, and the warm weather makes it a great opportunity to get outdoors and fire up the grill. While these are awesome things to look forward to this summer, don’t forget that at some point you’ll want to head back indoors and cool off. If your AC has been on the fritz, it’s probably best to find out more about air conditioning repair in Midlothian, VA before things get a little too hot to handle.

Even if your air conditioner is functioning properly at this time, you might want to have it looked at by an AC maintenance expert to prevent any sudden issues down the line, particularly if it’s an older model. Not only is this a great way to make a quality connection for your present and future repair needs, but it could save you a significant amount of money by catching any potential problems with your AC before they spiral out of control.

A great provider of air conditioning repair in Midlothian, VA will give you a no-hassle, no-obligation assessment of your AC repair needs. This means that your maintenance expert will take a comprehensive look at your air conditioning equipment and provide you with a clear look at any issues you may need to address. You’ll also be quoted a price that is fair and will fit your budget.

If you and your family find yourselves dealing with a sudden air conditioning crisis in your home, don’t fret! Quality AC repair companies will make it a point to quickly and efficiently respond to your problem so that you don’t have to go a significant amount of time without proper cooling for your home. Moreover, they’ll quote you a flat-rate up front so you don’t have to worry about paying by the hour.

When it comes to staying cool this summer, don’t risk an unexpected AC crisis that could leave you and your family without a place to cool off. There are friendly and prompt companies providing air conditioning repair in Midlothian, VA that are standing by to help you nip your AC issues in the bud before they even crop up.

AC Contractor In Richmond, VA

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Due to frequent rainstorms, summers in the mid-Atlantic region are hot and the humidity is often high. In order to manage the sizzling temperatures successfully, you’ll want to spend a good deal of time indoors, which means you need to keep your home comfortable. To that end, your AC contractor in Richmond, VA, is ready to ensure that your air-conditioning system hums along in prime condition.

Airconditioning experts offer tips that you can follow to help keep your cooling system in good repair.First, change your air filters. Dirty air filters can cause health problems because they recirculate dust and dirt particles throughout the air in your home. They also cause your unit to work harder than necessary, which can lead to the need for repair or even replacement.

Another tip is to examine your condensation drain line, the pipe through which humidity is removed from your air-conditioner. It can become clogged—as from the growth of algae, for example—and need to be cleared in order to operate efficiently.Along with cleaning your drain line, you should remove any debris from the area around your AC unit. This will prevent leaves, weeds or similar clutter from contaminating your cooling system by being sucked into the vents. Need help with these chores? You can always turn to your AC contractor in Richmond, VA.

If you are considering upgrading your current air conditioner, or thinking about the kind of system you want for the new home you’re building, AC professionals can provide you with the pertinent details about leading brands and details that include system capacity and price comparisons. You’ll need information about the accessories, too, such as air cleaners and thermostats.

With a little proactive maintenance and professional help from your AC contractor in Richmond, VA, you can be assured that your air conditioner will run perfectly in the months ahead so that you and your family can keep cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days of the year.

You need speedy AC repair and you need it now

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There’s no doubt about it. Summer has settled in and it’s here to stay. You can’t even walk to your car without getting covered in perspiration and it feels like a wall of heat is closing in on you. Your one saving grace is the assurance that your home will be a cool getaway when you walk in the door. You manage to get through a stressful day at work, hanging on to that moment when you will be able to relax at home. All of your hopes are dashed at the end of the day when you arrive only to find that your air conditioning unit is on the fritz. You need speedy AC repair and you need it now.

Get Professional Help For Your AC Unit
When you need AC repair, you don’t want a delay. A fan simply isn’t going to cut it. You may have family members who need air conditioning because of serious health concerns. Otherwise, it’s simply a matter of keeping it cool when the temperatures continue to climb up and up during the hottest season of the year. Your Trane Equipment is reliable and will stand up to the test. However, parts can still break down and repairs are necessary from time to time. Contact HVAC technicians as soon as you have an issue with your air conditioning unit and take care of it without delay. With the right team of experts by you side, your Trane Equipment will be in top form again.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine
For the best results with your air conditioning unit, remember to make appointments for regular maintenance. The best times are at the beginning or end of the season to ensure your system is working smoothly when you need it most. Contact Foster Plumbing and Heating, Inc. when you have an AC repair problem or want to take care of maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Battle the heat

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You’ve just purchased your dream house and can’t wait to move in with your family. It’s in the perfect place and has all of the features you’ve always wanted in a home. There’s only one problem. Someone forget about air conditioning. As the summer temperatures begin to rise, there is no doubt in your mind. You need air conditioning in your home and you would prefer central air from Trane Equipment for the highest level of comfort. You may have to battle the heat when you are active outdoors or on the job. Your living space should be a getaway where you can always cool down. An AC contractor can help.

Bring In The Expert To Suit Your Needs
Installing central air into your home is a considerable investment. You want to make sure that you get the job done properly the first time around. When you turn to an AC contractor who can help you to select Trane Equipment that is tailored for your living space, you’ll have the best results. Discuss your options, such as a programmable thermostat and indoor zoning. Learn how the right air conditioning system can improve air quality in your home and reduce humidity. Energy efficiency is another perk that comes with a high quality unit. You will soon discover that your initial expenses were worth it when you see the positive impact on your utility bills. Choose wisely. With proper AC installation from professional technicians, your air conditioning system will keep you comfortable when you need it most.

Find Out More About Trane Reliability
You do not have to suffer in the summer. When you want to bring the temperature down in your home, contact the HVAC team at Foster Plumbing and Heating, Inc. to discuss your air conditioning needs.

Get Your HVAC System Ready for a Hot Summer

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Across Richmond VA, many homeowners are taking steps to prepare for the upcoming summer season. You may be tuning up your sprinkler system or even cleaning your backyard swimming pool and cleaning off the grill to prepare for barbecues with friends. One step that you do not want to overlook is preparing your HVAC system for the summer. The best way to accomplish this task is to use the services of an AC contractor for maintenance service.

Trane heating and cooling equipment is similar to other brands of HVAC systems. The manufacturer recommends annual maintenance service, and the best time to schedule this is at the start of the summer season. While this is one of the best steps that you can take to get your system ready for a hot Richmond VA summer, there are other steps that you can take as well. For example, cleaning your air ducts and replacing the air filters will improve indoor air quality and promote energy efficiency throughout the summer. You can also inspect your insulation. Enhancing the insulation and sealing doors and windows is a great way to keep the climate-controlled air from your cooling system inside your home.

Just as you might prepare your yard and the rest of your home for the upcoming summer season, you also want to take steps to prepare your Trane equipment for the summer ahead. This is one of the main systems that you will rely on throughout the summer, and it can be nearly unbearable to deal with a broken system on the hottest summer days. When you follow these steps, your cooling system will be in excellent condition as you ease into the summer months. An AC contractor can help you with many of these steps, and you can set up service for your home by calling our office for an appointment today.

Complete Ventilation and Air Conditioning Service

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Summer seasons in Richmond brings great fishing, outdoor fun, and many hot days and warm nights. With salt marshes, bays, and blue water, the humid coastal climate is wonderful for outdoor activities; ample rainfall provides lush green surroundings.

Cooling and Energy Efficiency
The warm weather requires energy efficient air conditioning service solutions for summer heat and humidity. Modern air treatment systems can cool and refresh the indoor living spaces, and even on the warmest days. Energy efficient designs and features reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation and lower utility bills are important to Richmond area residents.

Benefits of Low Humidity
Hot seasons also bring high humidity. Indoor humidity is a source of discomfort. Air conditioning also removes many pints of water from the air. The skin helps control body temperature by evaporating moisture into the air. When the indoor air is humid, the skin cannot shed enough moisture, and one feels sticky and uncomfortable. For maximum comfort, the air conditioning system must be balanced and designed to remove moisture. Low humidity also helps people that have breathing difficulties like asthma and congestion.

Cleaner Air
In the most well-kept homes, small dirt particles, hair, dust, and allergens can fill the indoor air with irritants. Trane equipment offers air cleaning systems that reduce the volume of particles including mold and bacteria. These high-quality systems filter the air without interference with cooling and dehumidifying, and leave the air cool and fresh.

For complete ventilation and Air Conditioning Service, call the Crystal Coast’s leading Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer. We offer Trane cooling systems including service, installations, repairs, and upgrades. We have proudly served Richmond and the surrounding reas for many years and thousands of satisfied customer engagements. Please call to discuss your indoor climate control needs today.

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