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Quality AC Repair and Service in Central Virginia

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by fosterpandh No Comments

When homeowners in Richmond need AC repair, it is important that they trust their cooling system to a leading HVAC contractor. While finding a contractor might not be difficult, it is imperative that you choose a HVAC contractor with a good reputation for providing quality parts and service. Unscrupulous AC repair technicians can leave your equipment functioning at less than its best.

Quality AC repair requires a trained service technician with the expertise to quickly diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs. Some HVAC contractors will leave inexperienced technicians to fend for themselves. It takes training and experience to properly diagnose many air conditioning problems.

When looking for a reputable AC contractor, start by asking friends and relatives for recommendations. Of course, this is best done long before you need AC repair. Take some time now to find a contractor you can call on when you need any type of HVAC service.

If you don’t get a recommendation from someone you know, you can look online at some of the consumer rating sites. These consumer sites allow previous customers to rate service professionals. This can give you a good idea of the type of AC repair and service as well as the level of professionalism you will get from a particular contractor.

Many people also find that checking a company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List can help them get a better understanding of the type of quality service they can expect. Of course, it would be unusual to find a company that has never experienced a complaint, but it is the number of complaints as well as how the issue was resolved that will be important.

At Foster Plumbing & Heating, we have been providing quality AC repair and service for homeowners in Central Virginia since 1989. Give us a call today.

Find a Trusted Commercial HVAC Technician

Posted on: July 16th, 2014 by fosterpandh No Comments

If you own a business in the Richmond area, keeping the indoor temperature cool and inviting, especially during the hot days of summer, is extremely important. Not only will your employees be more productive and appreciative of a comfortable working environment, but customers will certainly expect to have a comfortable place to conduct business or do their shopping. Unfortunately, finding an HVAC contractor that offers quality AC repair requires making sure the technician has experience and training with commercial cooling systems.

There are many HVAC contractors, but not all offer commercial AC repair. When you need to have your commercial air conditioner repaired or you want to schedule preventative maintenance, be sure to choose a contractor with experience in handling the needs of commercial customers. There are some contractors who have inexperienced AC repair technicians, but when you need fast, professional AC repair, it is important that you get a technician who is experienced in working with commercial cooling systems. Always ask about the training and experience of the AC technician who will be dispatched to handle your commercial air conditioning problem.

Another important factor when it comes to commercial air conditioning service is the reputation and integrity of the contractor you choose. Fortunately, today, it is easier than ever to check on the professionalism and customer satisfaction of your HVAC contractor. Whether you contact the BBB, references provided by the contractor or you read online consumer forums, it is crucial that you know that you are getting a contractor who will provide quality AC repair and customer service.

At Foster Plumbing & Heating, we have an A+ rating with the BBB, we’ve received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List and have gained the trust and respect of homeowners and business owners throughout the area. We have been providing quality commercial AC repair since 1989. Give Foster Plumbing & Heating a call.

Protect Your HVAC System with Quality AC Repair

Posted on: March 20th, 2014 by fosterpandh No Comments

Many homeowners throughout the Richmond area are happy to see the cold days of winter finally behind them. While the area certainly experiences the beauty of the seasons, after a long cold winter, the thought of summer is on many people’s minds. Of course, as summer approaches, making sure your air conditioner is in top operating condition is important.

Whether you need to schedule air conditioner maintenance or AC repair, it is essential that you trust your HVAC equipment to an experienced HVAC contractor. Quality AC repair can ensure your cooling system is not only ready to provide the cooling relief you will need this summer, but it can also be an important factor in the energy efficient operation of your HVAC equipment.

With the changing weather, spring temperatures are now giving way to warmer days. Now is the perfect time to schedule AC maintenance in order to ensure your air conditioning system is up to another hot summer in Virginia. In addition to making sure your AC is ready to meet the challenges of the season, annual maintenance can often spot AC repair problems so that you can get them handled before your cooling system has a major mechanical breakdown. Of course, taking care of small AC repair issues early can help prevent more extensive damage and high repair bills.

A leading HVAC contractor, such as Foster Plumbing & Heating will be able to provide quality AC repair to get your cooling system functioning at its best. At Foster Plumbing & Heating, we have been serving homeowners in Richmond and the surrounding communities since 1989. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC services as well as preventative maintenance agreements to protect your equipment. When it comes to quality AC repair and service, Foster Plumbing & Heating has you covered. Give us a call today!

Protect Your Home with Professional AC Repair

Posted on: September 25th, 2013 by fosterpandh No Comments

Homeowners across central Virginia know that quality AC repair is an important factor in keeping their families cooling during the long hot days of summer. Fortunately, finding a contractor to provide quality repairs is not difficult. While there are certainly many service providers offering everything from HVAC repairs to installation services, making sure you trust your family’s safety and comfort to an experienced HVAC contractor is very important.

Inexperienced or unlicensed service technicians can cause more problems and headaches than most homeowners realize. Not only are you putting your family’s comfort in the hands of individuals who do not have the training necessary to provide quality AC repair services, but you run the risk of electrical problems or lowered energy efficiency. A professional HVAC contractor will have highly trained service technicians who are licensed and insured for your protection. Additionally, they will be able to provide fast diagnosis of your problem and expert AC repair for the very best service possible.

A HVAVC company that takes pride in offering quality AC repair and service will have a solid record of excellence in the community. Whether you contact the Better Business Bureau or you ask for referrals from family and friends, a leading HVAC service provider should have a reputation for providing the best AC repair in the business. In addition to having a good reputation in the community, your HVAC service provider should offer the services you need. In fact, a professional heating and cooling company will have service technicians who are trained in all types of repairs, regardless of what type of equipment you have. They will also offer 24/7 emergency services for fast AC repair when you need it the most.

If you live in Richmond and need AC repair or service, contact the professionals at Foster Plumbing & Heating. We are a family owned business and have been providing quality HVAC services throughout the area since 1989. Our trained service technicians can handle all of your heating, cooling and plumbing needs. When you want the best, contact Foster Plumbing & Heating.

Professional AC Repair Can Help You Lower Energy Bills

Posted on: August 23rd, 2013 by fosterpandh No Comments

When you want to lower your monthly energy bills, finding some simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of energy you use each month can make a big difference. Of course, depending on the time of year, residents in central Virginia will certainly notice the expense of keeping their homes cool, but most people today consider air conditioning a necessity. Fortunately, with the right air conditioner you can enjoy the most energy efficient cooling possible, but routine maintenance and tune ups will certainly be necessary.

In addition to maintaining your cooling system so that it functions at its peak of energy efficiency, making sure that any AC repair is performed by trained service technicians can help ensure that your air conditioner remains functioning at its optimal level of performance. Many homeowners give the quality of an AC repair very little thought, but without a professionally trained service technician with the right tools, parts and expertise to handle the job, your AC repair might lead to diminished energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. Of course, as energy efficiency diminishes, your energy bills increase.

A professional HVAC service technician should be able to provide the highest quality air conditioning repairs for maximum energy efficiency of your cooling system. They will also be able to test your air conditioner to ensure peak performance and provide tune-ups, adjustments and service as needed. When saving money is important, energy efficiency is a must. Trust an experienced heating and cooling professional with all of your HVAC needs.

As a leading HVAC service provider in Central Virginia, the experienced staff at Foster Plumbing & Heating takes pride in offering local residents quality AC repair and service. Whether you live in Richmond or one of the surrounding communities, you can count on Foster Plumbing & Heating to provide quality plumbing and HVAC services, as well as exceptional customer satisfaction. Give Foster Plumbing & Heating a call for all of your heating, plumbing and AC repair needs.

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