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Tips to Help Troubleshoot Problems With Your Furnace

Posted on: October 20th, 2015 by fosterpandh No Comments

The days are becoming shorter, the temperature is starting to decrease and the first frost is only a couple of months away. If you ended last winter with a furnace that was on the fritz, then it might be time to have the problem rectified before you’re left watching TV while wearing your winter coat. One of the first things you can do is some basic troubleshooting, but if these steps do not work, you should contact a heating contractor for your furnace repair in Richmond, VA.

One problem could be that the furnace runs and provides some heat, but the heat flow is not adequate for keeping your home comfortable. Check the furnace to make sure nothing is blocking the vents. Also, you can check the filer. If it is dirty, you should replace it. Also, make sure the thermostat is set properly. If none of these tasks can fix the problem, the blower might not be working properly or the system could be out of balance. A furnace repair technician should be able to correct these problems and help you with your furnace repair in Richmond, VA.

If your furnace does not work at all, the problem could be a malfunctioning thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse. Make sure the unit is set to heat, if you have a combination heating and cooling system. You can replace a blown fuse or reset the circuit breaker. Also, the motor may need to be reset because of an overload. There should be a reset button near the blower motor’s housing. Press the reset button. If this does not work, wait 30 minutes and press the reset button again. The 30-minute break will allow for the motor to cool. If none of these steps can correct the problem, a repair technician should be able to fix the problem, which could be a faulty thermostat.

Before the snow and subzero temperatures arrive, make sure you have a working furnace that is free of any problems. If a few basic troubleshooting steps fail to correct the problem, a technician should be able to help you with yourfurnace repair in Richmond, VA.

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