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Preparing Your Air Conditioning System For Warm Weather In Richmond VA

Posted on: May 20th, 2015 by fosterpandh No Comments

Spring is finally here and now is the time for people in Richmond, VA to get their air conditioning system tuned up! It is important to get your conditioning system checked soit will work efficiently and effectively during the warm weather months. There are several things your Trane dealer can do to help your AC keep your home or business cool and comfortable and your energy bills low.

Change Your Air Filters
One of the most important things your Trane AC service professional will do is change your AC’s air filter. Dirty air filters make your AC unit work harder and burn more energy, which results in higher electric bills.Having a dirty air filter allows dirty air to recirculate which could cause health problems. Dirty air filters also put unnecessary strain on your AC unit and force you to repair or replace it more often.

Clean the Area Around Your Air Conditioner
It’s essential to keep the outside area around air conditioners clean. Remove anything that could get trapped into its vents. This prevents weeds, leaves, shrubs, or debris from being sucked into the unit and contaminating or damaging it. Your AC service professional can remove the clutter and trash from close to the AC unit. This allows for better air flow and helps keep the AC coils clean.

Check Your Drain Line
The AC unit cools by removing humidity from the air. The humidity is removed from the unit through the condensate drain line. If the line becomes clogged, it can damage the unit or cause it to be ineffective or inefficient. An AC service professional will check and clear this line as part of your AC system tune-up.

Richmond, VA will soon be hot and your AC will be running all day, so make sure to call Foster Plumbing and Heating now for the best time to get an AC tune-up. Our routine air conditioner maintenance will leave your system running safely, smoothly, and efficiently.

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