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Complete Ventilation and Air Conditioning Service

Posted on: June 5th, 2015 by fosterpandh No Comments

Summer seasons in Richmond brings great fishing, outdoor fun, and many hot days and warm nights. With salt marshes, bays, and blue water, the humid coastal climate is wonderful for outdoor activities; ample rainfall provides lush green surroundings.

Cooling and Energy Efficiency
The warm weather requires energy efficient air conditioning service solutions for summer heat and humidity. Modern air treatment systems can cool and refresh the indoor living spaces, and even on the warmest days. Energy efficient designs and features reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation and lower utility bills are important to Richmond area residents.

Benefits of Low Humidity
Hot seasons also bring high humidity. Indoor humidity is a source of discomfort. Air conditioning also removes many pints of water from the air. The skin helps control body temperature by evaporating moisture into the air. When the indoor air is humid, the skin cannot shed enough moisture, and one feels sticky and uncomfortable. For maximum comfort, the air conditioning system must be balanced and designed to remove moisture. Low humidity also helps people that have breathing difficulties like asthma and congestion.

Cleaner Air
In the most well-kept homes, small dirt particles, hair, dust, and allergens can fill the indoor air with irritants. Trane equipment offers air cleaning systems that reduce the volume of particles including mold and bacteria. These high-quality systems filter the air without interference with cooling and dehumidifying, and leave the air cool and fresh.

For complete ventilation and Air Conditioning Service, call the Crystal Coast’s leading Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer. We offer Trane cooling systems including service, installations, repairs, and upgrades. We have proudly served Richmond and the surrounding reas for many years and thousands of satisfied customer engagements. Please call to discuss your indoor climate control needs today.

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