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A Heating System Helps You Feel Safe and Warm

Posted on: December 20th, 2015 by fosterpandh No Comments

The need to stay warm when the weather is cold is a very basic, very important human need, and people have been developing technology to keep buildings heated since the days of Ancient Greece. Heating a room or other small area can be accomplished through the use of a space heater such as a wood or gas fireplace or a small electric coil heater. However, in order to heat Richmond-area homes, a heating system is the most effective option.

All About Central Heat

Central heating is the most common and most efficient way this is achieved in homes. Central heating involves generating heat in one location somewhere inside of a building and then distributing that heat throughout the home using pipes or ducts. There are a number of different ways this heat can be produced and dispersed.

How Does Central Heat Work?

The source of heat for a home’s central heating might be a furnace that heats air electrically or by consuming a resource such as natural gas or propane. It may even be a boiler that uses steam or hot water to create heat. Some home heating systems can even draw heat from deep within the Virginia earth using a geothermal heat pump.

Distributing Heat Evenly

The manner in which the generated heat is then carried to different parts of the home tends to vary based on the type of heat source. The heated air from a furnace travels through a network of ducts that each terminate in registers that warm up individual areas. The hot water from a boiler heats a home by flowing through tubing underneath floors. If the boiler generates steam, the steam moves through pipes and circulates through radiators in various rooms throughout the home that gradually fill the area with warmth. Geothermal heating technology carries heat into the home through pipes that run into the ground.

A heating system is sometimes part of a larger HVAC system. This equipment is usually incorporated into a home when it is first constructed, or installed and should be maintained by a Richmond-area heating service company employing professional HVAC experts.

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